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Turn back time with a skin peel

14th February 2013

Although we can't offer you a time machine, when it comes to looking younger it's possible for anyone to turn back time and achieve a glowing, fresh, new look. If you thought looking younger involved sharp needles or going under the knife, think again, all you need is a skin rejuvenating facial peel.

While anti-wrinkle injections like Botox might be more commonly heard of, television programmes such as Ten Years Younger have shown millions of viewers how a simple skin peel can roll back the years and make anyone look younger. The treatment is so gentle that for most people it can even be used on the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips.

Of course, some people might have extra sensitive skin but this isn't a problem as the leading dermatologists at sk:n clinics can work their magic on people of all skin types, by producing a carefully chosen skin peel, formulated specifically for your skin type. This ensures that not only do you get the best results, but that there's also no risk to the health of your skin.

As people age some might choose to start wearing certain clothes or driving a certain car in an all too obvious attempt to try and hold onto or recapture their youth. Instead of trying to mask your age a skin peel works in a completely different way: it reveals the real you, only younger.

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