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Turkey neck giving your age away?

24th February 2013

The term turkey neck derived as a derogatory term for someone with a lot of excess wrinkly skin around the neck area. Try and picture celebrities such as Ulrika Johnson who is commonly photographed displaying her gaunt, wrinkly turkey neck. Not only is this an unattractive look but also a key give away of Ulrika's age.

Don't Neglect Your Neck

For those of us that take our skin care regimes seriously, the neck is often forgotten. Think of it as almost being like a human tree trunk, where the rings around the bark signify the age of the tree. However, we have the capability to disguise our age by taking good care of the skin on our neck.

How do we solve The Problem?

So how do we solve the turkey neck problem? Invest in a good scarf or start buying incredibly high neck clothing? Well it doesn't have to be this difficult, as there are a number of different ways of combating excess skin around the neck area.

So if you're sick of feeling self conscious about covering up your neck lines then come in for a consultation and see how we can help stop that turkey neck gobbling up your confidence.

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