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The biggest myths surrounding laser hair removal

21st February 2013

Some of the speculation that surrounds laser hair removal could have been easily conjured up over a cauldron or rubbed out of a lamp. However, like most fantasy stories the only part we believe in here is that you're guaranteed a happy ending. How do we think Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin had such lovely dark hair but totally hair free arms?

But on a more serious note, if laser hair removal is so good then how come it's not more popular? This is a question we've heard time and time again. Statistics claim that it's an increasingly popular treatment, especially in America where cosmetic industry figures show laser hair removal as being the most popular aesthetic treatment for women under 35. We believe that laser hair removal doesn't have to sell itself, with fantastic results and a pioneer in the hair removal industry you only have to do a little research to realise its trending popularity.

In many cases people who write these myths surrounding laser hair removal -questioning it as a painful or pricey procedure - are those who often haven't experienced the procedure themselves or even worse have had it carried out by amateurs. We can assure you that our expert dermatologists at sk:n clinics will carry out only the safest and best treatments for your skin.

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