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Struggling to wipe away your Six Nations face paint

21st February 2013

As a nation we are passionate about our rugby and so it's no wonder that there's so much excitement surrounding the 6 Nations at present.

As our team play fiercely to defend their title at Twickenham, thousands of us get involved showing our support. Banners, flags and silly hats are just some of the props supporters don to demonstrate moral support for the roses whilst chanting several verses of sweet chariot.

What seems a favourite amongst rugby fans is wearing bright face paint of a country's flag or emblem. If we look back at brief history of face painting then we can see that face painting originated back from the tribal periods and was a way of indicating aggressive and primitive behaviour. However, it was also used for celebrations and victory over successful hunts. When taking this into consideration, it's presence as a popular trend at sporting events makes perfect sense in working to help the crowd to feel victorious and united.

When we saw Scotland defeat Ireland the other week our TV screens were flooded with brightly painted blue faces complete with white stripes. After a long day's drinking and celebrating, the tolls of wearing heavy face paint can play havoc on your skin. Clogging up your pores and breakouts can be just two after effects of a long weekend of celebrating at the rugby with your painted face. So if you're looking to recover the damage done to your skin after a big weekend, then book a consultation at one of our sk:n clinics. We have several treatments on offer from skin peels to microdermabrasion to help exfoliate the remnants left by old face paint and hard living.

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