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Striving for perfection with that complexion

3rd February 2013

A clear complexion does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. Once the teenage years have passed, most of us no longer have to deal with spots and acne, and those who still have trouble with their skin have a range of options. Over the counter creams, professional treatment and more can help to make skin look youthful and clear.

However, even those who have never had a spot can still have issues with their complexion if they have moles. There is no over the counter treatment that can get rid of moles and heavy make-up can be both bothersome and impractical.

Pressures of the Media

The media puts a lot of pressure on individuals to show a clear face to the world, and for every image of Marilyn Monroe's mole or Cindy Crawford's beauty mark there are films like Austin Powers where a mole is the reason for ridicule and mockery. Famous celebrities such as Enrique Iglesias have had their moles removed because of harsh criticisms from the media.

How Do I Go About Mole Removal?

Those who wish to do something to remove their moles are often unsure as to what the best option is. When looking for mole removal treatments there are a number of things to bear in mind.

Qualified Dermatologists are a Must

Moles should be treated carefully as they can be a sign of skin cancer or sun damage. Skin clinics that offer treatments from experts in dermatology can deliver more than just mole removal. They can advise on any health implications making sure there are no other issues that should be looked into.

Good Standing with the Care Quality Commission:

Clinics like the sk:n clinics Harley Street Branch are proud of their good ratings from this national body, and display their ratings prominently on the website. Always look for dermatology and skin clinics that have been shown to reach the highest standards in patient care.

So if you're interested in seeking expert advice and looking further into mole removal, then click here to book a consultation.

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