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Spring collection clothes shopping

25th February 2013

With the London and New York fashion weeks of late, some of us have been inspired to suss out the new collections in store on the local high street.

The big beautiful spring displays in the shop windows currently documenting the upcoming pastel shades and floral patterns. Even though the cold mornings are still starting off in the minus temperatures, it's never too early to start thinking about your spring wardrobe.

We've all been there; you've picked up your garment and waited through the long queues for the changing rooms and then you discover an orange make-up mark on the collar, or deodorant marks on the arm. It can be said that clothes shopping is just as much a chore than an enjoying past time.

Changing Room Fiascos

So when you finally get into your changing room cubicle and you're looking through and reassessing the price tags on your items, what happens when you discover your own little tag? Skin tags can develop easily during the winter months, with the rubbing and irritation of dry skin, so don't be embarrassed! The bright lights and surrounding mirrors of the changing rooms can often draw attention to the smallest of imperfections gone previously unnoticed.

Would you continue to wear an item of clothing with the tag still attached? If you want some more information or want to know how we can help you remove your skin tag then simply click here.

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