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So you've landed the job, now it's time to ditch the tattoo

5th February 2013

Getting a huge tattoo of Cheryl Cole on your arm may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but you may not be quite as pleased when landing your dream job and the office heats up.

Constantly assuring your colleagues that you're not too warm and don't mind wearing long sleeves when the office is sweltering is going to look suspicious. Fortunately, there are now effective methods of tattoo removal available.

If you watch a TV music channel or even a Premier League football match, fashionable tattoos are trending everywhere. It would be fair to say that tattoos are now socially acceptable given how popular they have become. Over the years, society has become more accommodating to those with tattoos as in most cases no one will bat an eyelid if you display a little body art.

Covering Up In the Workplace

In the workplace however, many companies still require employees to keep their tattoos covered. Even if your employer is opened minded about the issue, you may well feel a little self-conscious showing off an extravagant design in what is essentially a conservative environment.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable at work or have a nagging doubt at the back of their mind that a tattoo they had done as a youngster is damaging their hopes of promotion. If the ink is in a place that is difficult to keep covered up, the only solution is to get it removed.

There are now several options for having this done, so you need to consult a qualified specialist to discuss which is the most suitable method for you. Factors such as the size and colour of the tattoo, along with your skin tone, will determine which you should use. If the clinic you visit does not talk to you about these issues, you should seek a second opinion before agreeing to any treatment.

When you visit sk:n clinics one of the things the expert dermatologist will discuss with you is laser tattoo removal. It is widely recognised as the most effective way to get rid of unwanted body art, although it is not appropriate for everyone.

You can expect to undergo six to ten treatment sessions before every trace of the design is gone. The procedure does sting a little and can cause temporary redness of the skin, but that soon wears off and you can look forward to being free of the body art that has caused your work worries.

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