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Skin through the decades: Facing your biggest obstacles

24th February 2013

Unfortunately, for most of us skin problems will continuously plague us throughout the decades. We're told at a young age that we'll grow out of our bad skin, but as we learn this isn't always true.

In fact, as much as skin clinics hate to be the bearer of bad news, most of us experience different skin ailments at different stages in our life.

Spots at School

Struggling with bad skin at school was for most of us a difficult time. The combination of playground teasing and the total unpredictability of your skin during your teenage years, ultimately led to many years of feeling self conscious of troublesome breakouts. What made things even worse was the failed attempts to cover up our bad acne and the strict school makeup guidelines.

Late Nights in Your Twenties

By the time our twenties hit and we've finally left behind the bad breakouts and angry spots, many of us are faced with new problems. The pressure on most of us to really live life to the full in our twenties eventually takes its tolls on our skin. The long days spent at work or university see us adopting a routine of late nights and lacking sleep, leaving our skin looking dull and tired.

The Responsibilities in Your Thirties

In our thirties many of us will have cemented a successful career or started a family and with this comes responsibility. As exciting as these new responsibilities are, they often leave less time for us to spend looking after our appearance. When trying to get three kids to school the last priority on a hectic mother's mind is sorting out her morning skin care routine.

Nearing the Forties and Fifties

We've all heard the saying 'life begins at forty' but for some of us, years of hard living and wear and tear leave their marks on our skin. Some of us might spy the odd wrinkle creeping in but we shouldn't fear the forties and fifties when there are so many treatments available to help us look younger.

So don't panic if you find yourself discovering a new skin complaint as it's totally natural for our skin to change as we adopt bad habits through the decades.

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