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Say goodbye to sunbeds

26th February 2013

The social stereotype of what is deemed attractive is often projected onto us through celebrities and the media.

Long gone are the days of pale and interesting when it comes to the celebrities, and in their place are the brightly bronzed beaming members of TOWIE and Geordie Shore. It can be difficult to deny that tanning is an important part of looking good in mainstream modern society.

Living in a climate where we rarely see the sun, especially in the winter months can see many of us taking drastic actions to achieve a healthy glow. This month sk:n clinics have teamed up with Cancer Research to show us just how important it is to look after our skin and how dangerous sunbeds can be for our health.

It may seem tempting at the time to use sunbeds, but the consequences and often irreparable damage left to our skin proves it isn't worth the risk. So, if you've planned a summer getaway over the Easter period and considered topping up your tan prior to going away, then we advise you to think twice. If you are concerned about previous skin damage done through the use of sunbeds and want to speak to a qualified expert then simply come in for a consultation.

We don't want you to think that having seen the error of your ways that you can't give your skin a second chance. Our Fraxel treatment can help repair the damage done by the sun to your skin so pop into your nearest sk:n clinic to see how we can help.

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