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Save those important pennies with laser hair removal

4th February 2013

Did you know one of the most popular cosmetic treatments these days is laser hair removal? The silky smooth feeling left by a course of treatments is a godsend to women who believed they could only have skin to be proud of if they kept to a rigid timetable of shaving, waxing or epilating.

Nevertheless, many women don't really look into having laser hair removal because they think it's too expensive. Take a closer look at the numbers and you'll see that all laser hair removal is in fact a more cost effective way of hair removal and having the treatment could end up helping you save those all important pennies during the recession.

Several years ago Glamour magazine reported on a study that suggested women who shaved spent $10,000 (just over £6,300) on shaving related products during their lifetime. If you put this amount of money towards getting rid of problem hair most people would find they had enough money left over for a family holiday. The same study found that the average woman shaved 12 times a month (7718 in their lifetime), spending just under 11 minutes shaving. This means that the average woman spends almost two months of her life doing absolutely nothing but shaving. Even if shaving wasn't as expensive, why would you want to waste so much time doing something so mundane?

Of course, the study didn't cover everything to do with shaving - it didn't report on how women coped with stubbly legs when they weren't able to shave, or just how irritating shaving rash can be for example, but most women will have answers to these questions from experience. Laser hair removal on the other hand is largely painless - some light stinging doesn't amount to much over the course of many, many years. Less pain, less wasted time, and less wasted pennies - hair removal at sk:n clinics really shouldn't need thinking about twice.

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