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Reap the rewards of looking lovely on LinkedIn

6th February 2013

When it comes to the world of work there's no doubt that the way we present ourselves has a huge impression on how our colleagues and employers perceive us.

In the same way that it's important to dress the part, it's also vital that our hair is smart and our skin looks fresh. While it might be difficult to admit, there's no doubting that looking good can help you get ahead in the world of work if you have the talent and skills to back it up.

This is why choosing that picture for your LinkedIn profile can be so important. Employers will often look at this and subconsciously make a first impression about you. You need to select something that shows you're confident, professional and take care of yourself. Unfortunately, for many people their skin can be the last thing they take pride in. While they might know they have the ability to take on whatever is thrown at them, they may feel held back by skin conditions such as acne scarring or pigmentation. Thankfully skin clinics can offer dermatological treatments by trained dermatologists that will help clear up your skin, letting you feel comfortable standing out and able to show the true you that's underneath.

For people with acne scars microdermabrasion is a great treatment. It works by rubbing microcrystals across the face - these cause tired, ageing skin cells to be shed, allowing new, healthy cells to grow in their place. As well as treating acne scarring it's also effective for reducing the signs of wrinkles, dry skin and even sun damage. Microdermabrasion is a completely safe procedure when carried out at the hands of professionals, such as the expert dermatologists at the Harley Street sk:n clinic. However, seek out a clinic that cuts corners and you might find yourself saying those immortal words of Lord Sugar when you catch yourself in the mirror -you're fired.

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