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Luscious legs at London Fashion Week

7th February 2013

London Fashion Week (Feb 15th- 20th) will soon be upon us, and despite the wintry temperatures there is sure to be a great deal of bare skin on display. In most cases, the largest area of flesh on view will be the models' legs as they are asked to wear all manner of revealing items that put their lower half in the full glare of the cameras.

It's then no wonder that models take looking after their skin so seriously. This can be a full time job, not least because the condition of one's legs is not always apparent, unless you're able to regularly examine your legs in a full length mirror. Aside from ensuring their legs are blemish free, one of the biggest issues for models is vein care - and specifically thread veins. That's right, it's not only regular people that can encounter them - even supermodels can too! Fortunately, there is an effective solution to this unwanted condition, leaving the legs smooth and even-toned.

Thread veins are small blood vessels that can, if left unchecked, become larger and more pronounced. The removal of thread veins is quick and easy, so you (and those supermodels) can feel confident enough to wear skirts, dresses and swimsuits - at least when the temperatures improve.

At sk:n's Harley Street clinic, we utilise the two most advanced methods of thread vein removal. The first technique harnesses a special laser to remove unwanted veins. The second method involves injecting the vein with a solution - this is called sclerotherapy. Both techniques, applied with the expertise of our dermatologists and doctors, are highly effective at giving you the legs you want. No doubt you'll want summer to roll on as quickly as possible, so you can show off your even-toned legs.

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