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Learn to love laser treatment

9th February 2013

Although there is no permanent cure for rosacea, our sk:n clinics can help you to minimise the appearance of redness and in more serious cases, stinging and burning sensations. Our rosacea laser treatment can help to control your symptoms and make a major difference to your skin.

Many people don't realise how debilitating rosacea can be, with many sufferers feeling unable to function in social and professional situations due to flare-ups. Our customers find that our rosacea treatment gives them a new found confidence and lease of life once they find they are no longer worried about angry blood vessels during bad flare-ups.

Managing the Symptoms

Although there are a variety of creams and lotions claiming to help with rosacea, in many cases sufferers with a severe case find that they make little difference at all. The next step we can offer is our laser treatments which work in eradicating the horrible redness. We have a wide variety of options available dependant on the severity of the condition.

It's important to remember that rosacea develops as a condition, so the earlier you get it treated the better, the longer it's allowed to flare-up the worse it can become. If you want a consultation then visit our Liverpool Bold Street clinic to find out what we can do to improve your skin and ultimately your confidence.

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