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Laser hair removal: Mission impossible

25th February 2013

For most of us, our knowledge regarding lasers stem from the infamous Star Wars quote 'may the force be with you' or perhaps the famous scene from James Bond's Goldfinger. But in reality they're nothing to be scared of, if used by experts that know exactly what they're doing.

It can be difficult to trust lasers when the media depicts them as scary devices in action films. Think of the iconic denouement in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise descends from the ceiling on a thin wire dodging the many lasers put in place to stop him. Or, on a more light hearted note, the Wallace and Gromit episode of The Wrong Trousers where poor Wallace is unknowingly used as a pawn in a bank robbery, walking through dozens of lasers while asleep. Yet, the fact is lasers provide us with some of the most cutting edge technology.

Laser hair removal, teeth whitening and eye surgery are just a few of the huge benefits that lasers have brought to the cosmetic and health care industry. With years of research and proven success rates the way in which we perceive lasers is changing.

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