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Kanye joins the laser loving revolution

8th February 2013

Laser hair removal is becoming something of a 'de rigueur' beauty treatment among the rich and famous.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has frequent and well publicised visits to her local laser hair removal clinic, but as newspapers have reported last summer, so has her hip-hop star boyfriend, Kanye West.

She was famously pictured leading her partner into the Santa Monica clinic where she has her laser work carried out, demonstrating that these procedures can and do benefit men as well as women. She has spoken openly about her procedures on Oprah, and admits to feeling "very pretty", partly as a result of the multiple procedures she has undertaken. Asked by the chat show host about her fitness and beauty regime, she said: "I've lasered everything."

Among the other beauty procedures she regularly undertakes Fraxel, a laser technology that repairs damaged skin such as might occur post acne. Fraxel offers people two treatment modes. The first, called 1550, targets wrinkles or acne scarring, and penetrates deep into the skin. The second mode, 1927, is more superficial, and works on tone, pigmentation and other less obvious signs of aging.

But the wonders of both Fraxel and laser hair removal are not only open to those with Kim Kardashian or Kanye West sized wallets. These benefits can be sought by more people than ever before, right here in the UK. The procedure is safe, fast and highly effective.

Laser procedures such as this are available in sk:n clinics right across the UK, as well as in sk:n's Harley Street clinic in London - a centre of excellence for laser hair removal, staffed by expert dermatologists who are dedicated to providing a comfortable and rewarding procedure. Having skin as flawless as Kim and Kanye is more possible than you might think.

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