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How to achieve soft and silky underarms

14th February 2013

Waxing and shaving can leave you with red irritated skin, and in growing hairs. What every woman needs for super-soft, hair-free underarms is laser hair removal; but what do you need to know before choosing a clinic?

Firstly, consider reputation. Body hair removal using laser technology is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, so you will want to find a clinic that is trusted by others in the industry. For example, the sk:n Glasgow Gordon Street clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission and is connected to a large network of dermatologists and doctors all around the UK.

Next, consider the success rate of your chosen treatment. Many clinics offer more than one type of therapy or beauty treatment and even though they may be well established, you'll need to dig deeper to find out how effective the treatment will be for you. Using laser technology for underarm hair removal has, in the past, only been successful on those with pale skin and dark hair, but technology moves fast and now laser hair removal is suitable for every skin type.

The best way to find out whether the treatment is right for you is to speak to a representative at the clinic, or check the facts and figures for yourself. Any clinic that is doing a job well will be shouting about it. Sk:n clinics are proud to share the fact that they have a 98% success rate with laser hair removal on all skin types.

Finally, think about finances. Everyone wants to bag a bargain, but we often see people who have previously opted for cheaper yet less effective laser hair removal. Spend wisely with a reputable clinic with high success rates for results that will last much longer.

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