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Horrendous horrors of home remedies

10th February 2013

If you have skincare issues then it can be tempting to save some money and tackle them at home, but it's not always a good idea and can end in disaster. Many over the shelf skincare products simply aren't designed to tackle specialist skin issues.

Attempting to purchase specialist products at home to solve skin issues can be very dangerous and often make the problem much worse.

See A Specialist

If you are concerned over a skin ailment then it's important to see a skincare specialist or dermatologist. Dermatology is a very specialist field, and you should only let qualified experts work on your skin.

At our sk:n clinics we offer professional consultations with our skincare specialists, who can help advise and assist you in which skincare treatments to pursue.

In the past those who have tried to solve serious skin complaints at home with home remedies have damaged their skin in a number of ways, from merely making their current complaint worse to chemical burns. Simply contact our Leicester Gallowtree Gate clinic or one of our many others to find out the best course of action for your skin.

DIY Skin Treatments and Consumer Culture

Even if you are able to buy recommended high street treatments claiming to gradually improve the condition of your skin, how long will it take? Although it may initially seem slightly expensive to see a skincare expert at a sk:n clinic, over time it can work out more cost efficient than continually buying creams and lotions with no guaranteed success rate. Seeing an expert and getting a full consultation is a much better long-term solution for the health of your skin.

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