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Half term holidaying

22nd February 2013

It's half term this week which means for a lot of us - especially those with young kids - a chance to go away on holiday and have a bit of a break.

Whether you're waiting in traffic on the M25 for your annual camping holiday or sat in terminal 3 at Gatwick airport, getting away seems a popular theme for the half term. Having made it through dreary January and with February bringing more snow and cold weather it's not surprising many of us are itching to get away.

Unlike our annual summer getaways, half term holidays seem to be a little more spontaneous and require less planning. With this in mind, packing all your essential cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners can become quite troublesome with the travelling restrictions on liquids. If you want to minimise the hassle of packing your miniatures into plastic bags or having to buy cosmetics when you arrive, then consider doing some preparation before you go. If you can't think of anything more frustrating than fiddling around with a razor and shaving cream at airport security then book yourself in for a laser hair removal treatment and get ahead of the game.

Similarly, your skin needs to be looked after when exposed to hot weather and if you have a history of greasy skin then even oil-free sun cream can lead to breakouts. Taking an exfoliating wash away with you, combined with the sunshine can dry out problem skin so this is another instance where planning ahead can be wise. Here at our sk:n clinics we offer skin peels, that as a result can work to reduce the oil produced by your skin. So if you'd rather sort out your skincare before you go away and relax on holiday then click here to see how we can help.

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