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Get the European treatments right on your doorstep

3rd February 2013

It's common for people who discover the spa cities and hot springs of Eastern Europe abroad in places like Budapest to wonder why haven't we got comparable facilities in the UK?

Of course, it's not easy to compete with these places, which often have more than 50 spas and baths, not to mention their long-standing spa cultures. But don't worry - there are some superb treatments right here on your doorstep.

Treatments like skin peels are especially popular, often because people go on holiday and experience some excellent results from having such treatments. But skin peels are available in Britain too, with clinics such as sk:n offering rejuvenating skin peels to people across the UK.

For those who choose to treat themselves to a skin peel at sk:n, they can be rest assured that only highly experienced dermatologists carry out the procedures. sk:n follow only the most stringent procedures and use the very best treatment products.

Add this to the diligent way they care for their customers and ensure they understand every step of the process mean it's easy to see why sk:n clinics are so popular. Skin peels help to give you a more youthful, glowing appearance, by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow.

Now people of the UK are able to take advantage of skin peels and many other treatments without having to leave the country. Of course, enjoying a spa holiday in a place like Budapest will always be a wonderfully rejuvenating experience, but it's good to know that these treatments are available all year round back home - come rain or shine.

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