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Get that smooth kissable face for Valentines day

2nd February 2013

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and many men will be wondering what they can do to make themselves more datable.

Some men might splash out on new cologne, others might update their wardrobe, but men intent on having a smooth kissable face for February 14th will have one thing on their mind: laser hair removal. So whether you're searching for your soul mate or you've already found your other half, why not treat that special someone to a night that won't involve waking up the next day with stubble rash.

Of course, men don't just use laser hair removal on their face. Since these treatments work over large areas of the body, men are also using it to rid themselves of hair in other unwanted places such as the back, shoulders or even their feet. Most people find the process completely pain-free, meaning there's no excuses for passing up treatment.

While laser hair removal is a perfectly safe procedure when carried out by professionals, if left to people without the proper experience you may find the treatment doesn't exactly leave you in the mood for love. A consultation with a trained dermatologist will ensure that your skin and the hair you want to get rid of is suitable for laser hair removal, ensuring that the treatment goes as smoothly as your skin.

sk:n clinics around the country are renowned for their years of experience and professional yet friendly service; their Harley Street clinic is the exemplification of their commitment to quality care. Men will also be glad to hear that since evening and weekend appointments are available the treatment can be fitted in around their life and not vice versa. So if you've found that in the past Cupid needed a little more accuracy firing his arrows, why not give him a helping hand this year?

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