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Don't make a mountain out of a molehill

15th February 2013

For many people the desire to have clear, glowing skin is not just about looking good and feeling confident, but also about feeling assured that our skin is healthy. This is why many people consider having moles removed as they can indicate more serious problems.

Don't Panic

Many people can panic when they discover moles developing as they can be an early sign of skin cancer or a malignant melanoma. There is no need to panic but it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice if you are concerned and even more important that the mole is removed by a qualified skin clinic. Sk:n clinics, such as the Aberdeen Union Street clinic, are the best places to have moles removed as the highly trained and qualified staff put your needs first.

Even when moles are completely benign it's no surprise that people want to have them removed for peace of mind. The method of mole removal depends on the shape, size and location of the mole. A doctor will decide what method is best for you after having a full consultation. Smaller moles are usually removed with a laser that uses thermal energy, while bigger ones are combated with a surgical treatment, they may be shaved or cut away under local anaesthetic.

It's amazing how getting rid of something so small can make such a difference to your confidence and mental health. Many people choose to make a mountain out of a molehill by worrying about potential health problems and unclear skin - but there really is no need when they can be quickly, easily and safely removed.

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