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Don't fret when pointing at the projector

15th February 2013

Presentations can be particularly nerve racking, especially if you are presenting to a large group of people and aren't overly confident with your public speaking skills.

As your nerves increase so can your sweat levels, leaving you with unsightly sweat patches. So what's the answer, finding alternative employment? Never raising your arm? Refusing to give presentations? Thankfully, there is a quick, easy and realistic solution to your sweat problems that could signal the end of all your workplace worries: hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a simple procedure that involves injecting Botox into the skin, which then enters the sweat glands and blocks the nerve impulses, which helps limit your sweating. Carried out by a trained professional hyperhidrosis is a completely safe procedure and almost painless.

Of course, finding that all-important reputable local clinic can sometimes be difficult. Thankfully, with sk:n clinics located across the country you're never too far from somewhere that you can be sure carries out skin treatments with the level of excellence you expect. Take the Edinburgh Hanover Street clinic for example, which provides personal service with the professionalism demanded of any medical centre.

There's no need to sweat over whether hyperhidrosis is the right treatment for you. A free consultation with a doctor will answer any questions you have and give you the opportunity for a more in-depth explanation of this safe and practically painless procedure. If you've found yourself getting noticed for all the wrong reasons at work and now want to be known for keeping calm under pressure, there's no better time to find out more.

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