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Don't break a sweat on the red carpet

1st February 2013

The awards season is upon us, and is of course about recognising the great and good in the world of movie making. But for many, who's looking best on the red carpet is just as important as who's getting the 'Best Actor' accolade.

For ladies attending the Oscars demands more than just a beautiful dress. The fear of over-active sweat glands can be natural when considering the pressure and nerves of being in the spotlight. Unsightly sweat patches can be embarrassing and gold dust to magazines looking for an easy win in humiliating celebrities.

But of course, excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis isn't just limited to the rich and famous in Hollywood. Excessive sweating can cause big problems for us all, with embarrassing sweat patches on our clothes - especially when temperatures soar or the stress of work gets to us. When anticipating a big presentation, the last thing you need playing on your mind is whether or not you can wear that fitted grey jumper. Ultimately, the question of how to stop underarm sweating is a popular one amongst us.

Don't sweat - there is a solution

Luckily, as both Hollywood actors and actresses have found - along with many regular members of the population - there is a solution. Not confined to residents of California, people in Britain can also take advantage of effective hyperhidrosis treatments. sk:n's Harley Street clinic in London offers hyperhidrosis treatment to people across the UK - in a process that is quick, easy and safe. One of sk:n's skincare experts inject Botox®' into the sweat glands of the skin, which has the effect of blocking sweat glands. In doing so, nerve impulses that produce too much sweat are blocked, resulting in far less sweat.

Since sk:n is listed on the Independent Health Advisory Service's Treatments You Can Trust register, and with over 20 years of experience, it's no wonder that our skin treatment services are trusted by so many people across the UK.

While you may not have to walk along any red carpets any time soon, there's no reason why you have to put up with excessive sweating in your work and personal life - especially when a solution is so straightforward.

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