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Are cold mornings ruining your complexion?

23rd February 2013

We've seen a fair few inches of snow these past few weeks, delays getting to work, heaters breaking down and the closure of schools nationwide.

How is it that even though snowfall is becoming almost a regular occurrence, that we are still unable to cope in the cold conditions?

We complained in our thousands about the delays caused to the trains making us all late for work and forced to take a longer route. In European countries, where Finland and Sweden are so well equipped for heavy snowfall we should consider following their lead and investing more money into our snow defences.

How many of us felt that bitterly cold wind whilst stood on the station platform or the bus stop? The fact is, waiting around in the cold for public transport isn't just frustrating but can also have an effect on your skin. Wrapping up warm can prevent the cold air from creeping in, but areas of the body like your face are constantly exposed and need looking after. Conditions like Rosacea are one of the main skin disorders associated with cold weather so if yours is flaring up then don't suffer in silence and pop into one of our nearby clinics. Skin tends to appear dull and dry around the winter months so if you're worried not only about your skin's livelihood but also its appearance then give us a call and arrange a consultation.

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