Blogs from February 2013

  • Hairstyles at the Brits

    As to be expected in a room full of talented, creative individuals there was quite an array of different hairstyles floating around at the Brit Awards last week.... read more

  • How to know if your skin is sensitive

    For those of us that have particularly sensitive skin, the simplest of everyday tasks can cause our skin to flare up.... read more

  • What's getting under your skin

    As our biggest organ the skin works as a shield protecting all our vital internal parts, therefore making it particularly susceptible to allergies, infections and itching. But what's actually going on underneath the skin to develop this itch?... read more

  • Want the recipe for beautiful skin?

    Although we can be wary of the DIY home remedies, homemade facemasks can be a great way of looking after your skin and ensuring it receives the nutrients it needs to keep it healthy.... read more

  • Say goodbye to sunbeds

    The social stereotype of what is deemed attractive is often projected onto us through celebrities and the media.... read more

  • Spring collection clothes shopping

    With the London and New York fashion weeks of late, some of us have been inspired to suss out the new collections in store on the local high street.... read more

  • Laser hair removal: Mission impossible

    For most of us, our knowledge regarding lasers stem from the infamous Star Wars quote 'may the force be with you' or perhaps the famous scene from James Bond's Goldfinger. But in reality they're nothing to be scared of, if used by experts that know exactly what they're doing.... read more

  • Skin through the decades: Facing your biggest obstacles

    Unfortunately, for most of us skin problems will continuously plague us throughout the decades. We're told at a young age that we'll grow out of our bad skin, but as we learn this isn't always true.... read more

  • Turkey neck giving your age away?

    The term turkey neck derived as a derogatory term for someone with a lot of excess wrinkly skin around the neck area. Try and picture celebrities such as Ulrika Johnson who is commonly photographed displaying her gaunt, wrinkly turkey neck. Not only is this an unattractive look but also a key give away of Ulrika's age.... read more

  • Are cold mornings ruining your complexion?

    How is it that even though snowfall is becoming almost a regular occurrence, that we are still unable to cope in the cold conditions?... read more

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