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sk:n recommends: Acne.com

9th December 2013

Acne is a common skin condition spread across millions of people especially adolescents. Acne breakouts are primarily triggered by inflamed or infected sebaceous glands. Below is a useful website on acne you can check out to get more facts on acne you were maybe previously unaware of.


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Teen acne


Many people are curious to know why acne is so closely associated with teenagers. The answer is simple, our hormones are changing radically during the adolescent years, and our skin is also extremely sensitive. Skin tends to produce much more oil than normal during these years so this can also be a key factor of teenage acne breakouts.



This section highlights the importance of parents being able to understand their teenage children’s acne problem, to help their children overcome this embarrassing stage of their life.

Parents are encouraged to talk openly with their teen about their acne, encourage good habits and even search for a qualified dermatologist, so your teen can start their acne laser treatment. This can be achieved by visiting a reputable skin laser clinic such as sk:n clinics.

Types of acne


This section outlines the different types of acne and how you can fight acne more effectively by learning which type of acne you're up against.

For example there is a clear difference between whitehead and blackhead related spots and papules and nodules. Click on the link above to find out more or seek advice from a experienced specialist in this field so you can begin acne treatment, if your acne worsens or aggravates further.

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