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Kelly Osbourne's recent tattoo regrets

27th December 2013

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of the famous English rock vocalist Ozzy Osbourne and an English singer-songwriter, television presenter and fashion designer, has recently publicly revealed her tattoo regrets.

She has moved from being a rebellious and outspoken teenager as viewed on the popular reality show 'The Osbournes' to becoming a very stylish and glamorous young woman. It is believed that her decision to go ahead with tattoo laser removal has really worked in her favour and helped her build this new and improved image.

Below is a short clip about Kelly Osbourne's latest tattoo removal treatments.

In this clip, Kelly Osbourne's very first tattoo is erased which is a tattoo of a boom box, which she got at 15. Although she dreaded her first laser tattoo removal treatment she tweeted “ I did the crime, and now I'm doing the time, no pain, no gain”.

Kelly's fans are supporting her throughout her treatments, with one of the followers declaring how nice it is seeing this change in Kelly, and how she is really fine-tuning herself in a fashionable way. Although, Kelly has admitted that some of her tattoos have had special meanings, like the one she has of her brother Jack's name, she still feels a lot of her other tattoos were a big mistake.

To sum up...

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