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Hayley Wilkinson's acne scarring story on Embarrassing Bodies

3rd December 2013

Acne scarring is usually the outcome of a poorly managed skin condition you have had for a long period of time. It occurs when, the most serious types of spots burst and damage the skin or if you frequently pick or squeeze your spots, which is always a bad idea.

Below is a short clip based on Hayley Wilkinson's acne scarring story shown on the Embarrassing Bodies series.


A short clip on Embarrassing Bodies about acne scarring

Hayley Wilkinson got her first spots 20 years ago and has been living with the acne effects ever since. She has been extremely disheartened by the great amount of scarring that acne has left over the years and it's lowered her confidence.

In the clip we see Hayley go for laser treatment for acne at a private clinic, where she is scheduled to have four fractional laser acne treatments. During her treatment, the laser beam hits the skin causing a heat reaction, which stimulates the production of collagen leading to the formation of new healthier looking skin.

At the end of the video, Hayley is already half way through her treatments and we can see a significant improvement in her skin already. Hayley's story shows us the importance of going ahead with acne scar removal as soon as the problem begins to show.

The wrap up

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