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Graham Norton and Mark Wahlberg talk tattoo removal

4th December 2013

It's not unusual for us to have second thoughts about our tattoos and it shouldn't come as a surprise that more and more people want to now get laser tattoo removal. In fact, Graham Norton and Mark Wahlberg discuss tattoo removal on The Graham Norton Show and enlighten us with various tattoo removal stories.

In this clip, Mark Wahlberg reveals how he has told his children to avoid getting tattoos but has also that they will learn for themselves just like he has had to.

He has had to begin laser tattoo removal procedures for several tattoos he now regrets 20 years later and due to the size of the tattoos has had laser tattoo removal on several of his tattoos all at once. He reinforces that it can be a very painful experience, but something he's determined to do.

To sum up

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