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Fantastic diet tips for PCOS

22nd December 2013

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common female endocrine disorders. Women who suffer from PCOS are often exposed to weight gain issues, excess hair growth and acne problems. All these symptoms are however manageable and can be controlled. Below is a short clip based on useful diet tips that women with PCOS can follow.

Some useful tips from the clip:

Eat low GI and low GL food

Try to eat foods like apples and vegetables, as these are low in glycaemic index (GI) and glycaemic load (GL). By doing so, you create a slower absorption of glucose into our bloodstream resulting in less insulin production. This consequently, reduces excessive hormone release from the ovaries and allows our body to burn fat.

Eat natural based foods

This means we should focus on incorporating natural based foods into our diet, by avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Processed foods are deficient in many nutrients and enzymes needed for optimal health unlike natural based foods.

Eat good fats

Foods such as fish, avocado, nuts, seeds and omega 3 fats are all perceived as good fats, which we should eat daily. Omega 3 fats are particularly important because they have anti-inflammatory effects and PCOS is associated with inflammation in our bodies so omega 3 can be helpful to stay clear of it.

Avoid dairy products

Dairy products independently stimulate insulin production, meaning more testosterone can then be produced. This can then worsen symptoms like excess hair growth and acne.

Eat vegetables and protein foods on a daily basis

Try to aim for at least three servings a day of good quality lean animal or vegetable protein. Protein helps build new cells in the body and also helps with maintaining your muscle mass. Vegetables on the other hand also offer a range of nutrients to the body and provide a sufficient amount of fibre that will fill you up and help maintain the health of the gut.

To conclude…

These diet tips outlined in the clip will help you control your weight, but if you still have concerns about dealing with other symptoms of PCOS then you should consider visiting a reliable and trustworthy skin clinic. Well- established skin clinics like sk:n are known for delivering great results for their clients. If starting laser treatment for acne and laser hair removal treatments have been on your mind for a long time then why not find out more by booking yourself with an experienced and skilful dermatologist at sk:n and start your PCOS treatment right away.

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