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Emma's life changing experience with laser hair removal on Embarrassing Bodies

16th December 2013

Numerous women around the world suffer from having excess bodily hair. Below is a short clip of Emma's life changing experience with laser hair removal on Channel 4's medical series Embarrassing Bodies.

At the beginning, we see Emma expressing her concerns about her excessive facial hair. She tells us how she feels like a 'freak', doesn't feel normal and feels like she belongs in a circus. Emma confirms that she has tried a number of different hair removal methods like waxing, electrolysis, tweezing etc but her hair unfortunately always grows back after a couple of weeks. She has therefore been looking for a permanent hair removal solution so she can finally stop feeling like a recluse and gain her confidence back.

In the clip, it is pointed out that 1 in 10 women suffer from excessive bodily and facial hair. This is usually caused by large levels of male hormones called testosterone in their body. It is recommended for Emma to start laser hair removal treatments to overcome this ongoing excess hair problem permanently.

As this video continues we see Emma attend her facial hair removal laser treatment, and we can see the difference in Emma in just two treatments. For hair as coarse as Emma's, it would normally take around 6 treatments to achieve the best results. She tells us she will need to visit the skin clinic once a month for four months to complete her course. By the end of the clip we see a great difference already in Emma, where she joyfully tells us that it's certainly working for her and how happy and wonderful she is already feeling.

If you are also experiencing similar hair related issues to Emma, you too can feel the difference by starting your laser hair removal treatments right away at a well-established clinic such as sk:n clinics.

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