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Beauty treatment mishaps you can avoid

20th December 2013

Let's face it, not everything goes as planned and the beauty industry isn't any different. Where there has been success, there have also been mishaps, so it's good to be extra cautious and know how to avoid these from occurring in the first place.

Below are some useful tips on how to avoid mistakes with popular treatments like laser hair removal or applying trendy beauty products like false eyelashes.

Avoiding mishaps with false eyelashes

Many women of all ages apply false eyelashes as part of their beauty regime, as they have become increasingly fashionable. To avoid any mishaps, you need to firstly ensure you are using a good quality and reliable product otherwise this could damage or weaken your lashes. Keep your false eyelash glue in good condition at all times and don't share it with other people. This will ensure you don't catch any infections for each other.

Avoiding mishaps with hair removal laser treatment

Wherever you go, it's imperative that the pre and post procedure protocol is followed to avoid any sort of hyperpigmentation, burning, blistering and scarring from occurring. You can discuss this in greater detail with your chosen dermatologist, who is responsible for choosing the right laser setting for your skin type and hair growth.

However, your role in the treatment process is also important because you have to ensure you stay away from sun exposure as much as possible for a short while before and after your treatment.

Avoiding mishaps with chemical peels

To avoid any unnecessary skin reactions caused by chemical skin peels, it's always best to create a to-do checklist on key things to avoid like the following:

  1. A full skin analysis, during which the clinic should inquire about recent sun exposure, medications, and any type of allergies among other important factors;
  2. A full explanation of what the peel is addressing;
  3. For stronger peels, the provider should be with you at all times to detect redness or discomfort.

The wrap up...

Beauty mishaps can occur, but also easily avoided by knowing the facts and doing some thorough research.

For treatments like laser hair removal it would be worth visiting one of your nearby specialist laser hair removal clinics like sk:n. This way you can gain expert advice and find out more details about the procedure from sk:n's expert dermatologists. The same principle applies for treatments like chemical skin peels so get booking today at a sk:n clinic near you to find out more information.

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