Blogs from December 2013

  • Top tips on organising the perfect stag or hen abroad

    Planning your perfect wedding day can become a notoriously stressful and nerve-wracking exercise. If you are planning your own stag or hen do or you’re a friend planning one for a bride or groom, it can be a challenging task just to get everyone together in one place and keep everyone happy.... read more

  • Living with PCOS: Foods to avoid

    Read the latest articles and news from sk:n clinics - Living with PCOS: Foods to avoid , Discover better sk:n... read more

  • The effective skin resurfacing techniques

    Ageing is a natural process of life, but this doesn't mean we can't prolong the process as much as possible and cheat a bit. The good news is that there are many skin resurfacing techniques to rejuvenate the skin to make you look younger.... read more

  • Kelly Osbourne's recent tattoo regrets

    Kelly Osbourne, daughter of the famous English rock vocalist Ozzy Osbourne and an English singer-songwriter, television presenter and fashion designer, has recently publically revealed her tattoo regrets.... read more

  • Celebrities who have had laser hair removal

    Read the latest articles and news from sk:n clinics - Celebrities who have had laser hair removal , Discover better sk:n... read more

  • Tips on how to deal with PCOS and getting pregnant

    Past research shows that Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) normally affects about one in ten women of childbearing age. This is often caused due to a hormonal imbalance in the body... read more

  • Should we have Dermaroller sessions at home or at a professional clinic?

    Among several skin rejuvenation treatments available to us, Dermaroller has taken one of the lead positions in being a preferred rejuvenation treatment for millions of consumers. Dermaroller is an affordable and safe skin rejuvenation technique that restores the healthy, youthful appearance of your skin by encouraging collagen production.... read more

  • Fantastic diet tips for PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common female endocrine disorders. Women who suffer from PCOS are often exposed to weight gain issues, excess hair growth and acne problems. All these symptoms are however manageable and can be controlled. Below is a short clip based on useful diet tips that women with PCOS can follow.... read more

  • Beauty treatment mishaps you can avoid

    Let’s face it, not everything goes as planned and the beauty industry isn’t any different. Where there has been success, there have also been mishaps, so it’s good to be extra cautious and know how to avoid these from occurring in the first place.... read more

  • Top tips for tattoo removal

    Have you got any tattoos that you are now no longer happy with or enthusiastic about and want to remove? If the answer is yes, then you should consider looking into tattoo laser removal.... read more

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