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Thermal Face Scanning

13rd August 2013

Long gone are the more conventional days of iris recognition and fingerprint scanning for identification purposes. Research in America shows that the next invention could be a thermal imaging scan; this intends to map out the blood vessels under the skin of your face. We can't imagine how difficult this would be to replicate and so it would be totally fool proof in determining personal identification.

No Fooling Thermal Recognition

People have got better at cheating the systems when it comes to personal identification, contact lenses for iris scans, or wearing a mask for visual scanning. However, this thermal facial scanning seems virtually impossible to swindle. The identification works in using an infra red camera to read the heat generated by the capillaries underneath your skin. The structure of capillaries in each person's face are completely unique which is why scientists and researchers have jumped on the opportunity to use it for identification purposes.

Under the Skin

Previously it was all about fingerprint recognition and facial scanning which focused on the outer skin as an indicator. However, skin treatments can drastically improve but also change the appearance of your skin. For example, if your information is kept on a record where you have a mole just above your lip and you seek mole removal. Chances are this would cause havoc for the records with the two profiles no longer matching up. So what are your thoughts on this thermal facial scanning? Does it just sound all a little M15 and a breach of privacy?

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