Strutting it with Smooth Skin

Anti-ageing treatments are developing at such a fast rate and here at sk:n we offer a wide range of treatments designed to combat the visible signs of growing old. However, there's new speculation amongst some of the top facial aestheticians that the secret to looking young is hidden in our mouths.

As we get older research shows that small bony changes can have a big impact on facial ageing. Laura Casewell, editor of The Cosmetic Surgery Guide claims that "This loss of facial height is a major contributor to facial ageing as the skin around the face and neck sags and the signs of facial ageing become exaggerated"

Anti-Ageing Dental Device?

Okay so it might sound a bit daunting but wearing an anti-ageing dental device could reduce the visible signs of ageing. This device is designed to fit over your lower back teeth and looks just like a regular mouth guard. It works by reversing the ‘ageing triangle’ of the lower part of your face by separating the teeth from their usual resting position it allows the face to build up stronger muscles and ultimately stops the skin from sagging.

Skin Tightening Treatments

If this dental mouth guard sounds all a bit much to you and you'd rather keep things simple then we might have the answer for you. Our range of rejuvenation treatments can improve skin tone and firmness with little down time. For more information as to which clinics are offering this great skin treatment or to book a consultation simply click here.


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