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Miley Cyrus Overload

11th August 2013

You might remember Miley Cyrus from her cute and innocent Hannah Montana days. The Party in the U.S.A singer was a huge hit amongst the younger generation and parents but over the past year or so has developed a completely new, edgy image. Is this really setting a good example to her previous fan base though?

“It's Called Puberty”

When questioned about growing concerns towards her erratic change in career direction, with new song ‘we can't stop’ having very strong undertones of the toll taken on Miley's turbulent lifestyle, she said it was down to puberty.

At the age of only 20 Miley already has 19 tattoos, with the most recent being a graphic heart on her forearm. Her tattoos range from the wild to the plain bizarre, with dreamcatchers, crossed arrows and the word ‘bad’ from the Michael Jackson album to name a few. It seems that Miley's quite the addict when it comes to visits to the tattoo parlour.

Making a Big Mistake?

Although puberty may just be a short transition period in Miley's life, these tattoos will stay with her forever. At just 20, will she still be admiring her choices in the mirror when she turns 30.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Miley told the press, “I could never get a meaningless tattoo” so just how important are tattoos in our self expressionism? Surely we must be able to find less permanent ways in expressing ourselves, especially as our identity may change as we get older. With new advanced removal technologies like laser tattoo removal thankfully we can erase old memories and marks of our previous identities.

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