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Man Discovers a Cancerous Mole behind His Tattoo

31st August 2013

A man in Germany made the decision to get the tattoo covering both of his arms and chest removed, however, much to his surprise, the doctors carrying out his tattoo removal had accidently exposed a hidden mole. It was later discovered that the mole within the colourful ink that had adorned his body for a decade, was in fact cancerous.

After examining the mole found on the 29 year old man, the doctors who were determining whether it was cancerous or not found that the tattoo ink had blended into the skin's pigments, which made analysis a bit difficult. A biopsy concluded that the mole was a growing tumour, which fortunately was surgically removed. It's also so lucky that the tumour didn't spread elsewhere in the body.

Keep a Close Eye on Pesky Moles

Whenever a mole changes in colour, shape or size, this can be signs of a deadly type of skin cancer known as melanoma. Tattoos themselves do not cause melanoma, but as seen in this man's case, tattoos can mean cancerous moles can go undetected. We can all agree that this man was very lucky to have his mole treated before it deteriorated. If you've got health concerns about a suspicious mole on your body, our highly trained experts are available to carry out mole checks. As for getting moles removed, here at sk:n we offer laser mole removal which produces smooth and clear results.

Our leading cosmetic surgeons use the most state-of-the-art techniques when it comes to mole removal. The three methods that we offer include mole excision, shave excision for raised moles, and laser mole removal which includes facial mole removal on smaller moles. Our sk:n specialists will be able to make recommendations on the best option for you based on the shape and size of the mole.

Whether it's a health concern you have about a mole or purely just cosmetic and self-esteem reasons, why not book a consultation today with one of our highly trained experts?

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