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Maintaining a Matte Complexion

27th August 2013

1. Prep Skin with Primer

If you struggle with an oily complexion then using a primer can help in preventing make-up from moving about once the temperature rises. Always put primer on the oiliest areas, so your T-Zone, forehead, nose and chin. Using an oil-free, anti-shine primer can achieve the best results in helping keep a matte, healthy complexion.

2. Blotting Papers

Blotting paper can be great during the hot weather and is available at most cosmetic stores and chemists. Do your research thoroughly as some blotting sheets simply lift the oil from your face, whereas others leave a little bit of powder to soak up the excess oil. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and possible afflictions to acne, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the different types of blotting paper available.

3. Oil-Free Sun Cream

During the hot sunny weather, it's vital we keep our faces protected. However, some sun creams can be particularly oily and therefore contribute to the shiny appearance of our skin. Using an oil-free sun cream that caters for combination and oily skin can prevent excess shine and help towards a matte complexion. Once you've applied this, place a tissue over your face and dab off any excess.

4. Look out For Long-Wear Products

To avoid make-up from sliding off your face keep an eye out for waterproof and long-wearing products. There are many foundations out there that offer 24 hour promises and will last longer than the average. However, if possible we recommend trying to reduce your reliance on these products as your skin needs to breathe.

5. Watch What You Eat

On those hot summer evenings spicy foods and cocktails may seem like a great idea, but they'll have a negative effect on your skin. These types of foods and particularly alcohol dilute the blood vessels causing you to sweat. If you're trying to stop a shiny face then up your intake of vitamin A with foods like carrots and spinach.

Following our 5 simple tips and advice should help keep your face smooth and dry during the hot summer period, but for more information come in and pay us a visit and one of our expert dermatologists will be happy to help.

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