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How To Know If You Have Rosacea

4th August 2013

Rosacea is a rather common skin disorder, however most people are completely ignorant and may be unaware that they have it. So what symptoms should you look out for?


One of the first signs of Rosacea is when your skin turns red through flushing on your face or neck area, which can last up to five minutes. Flushing may date back to childhood or early teens. It's usually caused by rapid body temperature changes from exposure to the sun, hot beverages and even exercise.

Persistent Redness

This is the most common sign of Rosacea, which mainly affects the cheeks, nose and chin. This redness resembles a blush or a sunburn patch which doesn't go away. Skin may at times look dry, swollen or scaly.

Visible Blood Vessels

Inflamed small blood vessels in the surface of the skin which can lead to visible red veins on the face (thread veins) could be a sign of Rosacea.

Papules and Pustules

Rosacea can lead to papules, which are round red bumps in appearance that rise from the skin, as well as pustules filled with pus. Such spots will be visible on your face and can resemble teenage acne without the scarring. The difference is that there are no blackheads and skin is not greasy, but is dry and peeling.

Thickened Skin

With extreme cases of Rosacea, skin can form excess tissue usually around the nose. This is more common among male sufferers. The thickened skin can make the nose appear larger and bulbous, which is known as Rhinophyma. This is a rare condition that can take years to develop.

Eye Irritation

Over half of Rosacea sufferers experience irritating symptoms which can affect their eyes including dry eyes, sensitivity to light, feeling as if there is something in your eyes and bloodshot eyes. This form of Rosacea is called ‘Ocular Rosacea’.

Other Symptoms of Rosacea

There can be different periods when it comes to Rosacea symptoms. There may be times when these symptoms can become more problematic than usual. A burning or stinging sensation on your face, dry and rough skin, raised red skin patches (plaques), facial swelling and sensitivity to cosmetics are some other symptoms to keep an eye on.

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