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Has Angelina Jolie had Cosmetic Surgery

22nd August 2013

Angelia Jolie hit the news earlier this year with her brave decision to undergo a double mastectomy. Her tests showed that the actress carried the BRCA1 cancer gene, leaving her with an 87% chance of developing breast cancer. The actress had her breasts reconstructed after the surgery and remains a figure of true feminine beauty and sophistication. However, here at sk:n we're interested in the cosmetic procedures Miss Jolie may have had around her face and skin.

Last week Miss Jolie was pictured with husband Brad Pitt when they appeared together on the red carpet for his appearance in the film World War Z. Rumours have it that Miss Jolie has been having special laser treatments to make her skin appear smooth and polished.

How She Does It?

Sources claim that Miss Jolie underwent a procedure that used beams of light to eradicate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation as well as sun damage. From this description it seems like Miss Jolie underwent the skin rejuvenation treatment Fraxel.

Fighting Fit with Fraxel

A source close to the actress claims, “Angelina doesn't consider laser treatment to be plastic surgery because it's not invasive. In her mind, it's not the same as going under the knife.” Here at sk:n we're proud to offer treatments that deliver the same visible results of cosmetic surgery but without having to actually go under the knife. For more information on Fraxel and how to achieve the same stunning skin as Miss Jolie look no further than sk:n for the best skin rejuvenation treatments.

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