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Is Excessive Hair Growth Crippling Your Self Confidence?

27th August 2013

Excessive hair growth, which even has its own medical term - ‘hirsuitism’ - isn't just a timely inconvenience, but it can also have a significant psychological impact on our lives. Are you wearing long sleeve tops in the summer to cover unsightly arm hair, have you noticed the horrors of facial hair sprouting? Not only can this be socially embarrassing, but without any known cure you can be left struggling with a crippling state of confidence.

PCOS Sufferers

This rhetoric might resonate best with PCOS sufferers, who are prone to excessive hair growth. Fortunately, sk:n are here to listen to your concerns and help you find the best hair removal treatment for your requirements . There's absolutely no need to be embarrassed as all our expert dermatologists are here to help, not only with hair removal treatments but also in helping you regain your confidence.

Why Come To sk:n?

With frequent offers on acne treatments and hair removal treatments we can help target all elements of PCOS and provide you with permanent solutions. We receive more referrals than other skin clinics in the NHS because of a high trust rate and ability to really understand our customers and their skin conditions.


Come September, we're launching our own PCOS awareness week, so if you think you might be a sufferer you should get involved. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for any upcoming notifications regarding our promotions and how to get involved. We really want to raise the profile of PCOS and in doing so stop women from suffering in silence.

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