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Five Tips in Avoiding Thread Veins

10th August 2013

Unfortunately, thread veins can plague us at all ages and cause us to feel self conscious in baring our legs in public. These jagged spidery veins are actually quite common amongst young women and here at sk:n we want to offer you a few tips in avoiding them.

1. Exercise Regularly

Anything that increases good blood flow around the body is helpful in the prevention of thread veins. Exercise is one of the best ways at increasing circulation, especially with cardio which could simply be ensuring you incorporate walking into your daily routine.

2. Avoid Standing Still

It might be tricky if your job requires you to stand behind a counter all day, but if possible try to move around as much as possible to get circulation around your body.

3. Keep Legs Uncrossed

Keep legs uncrossed when sitting down to avoid slowing down the upward flow of blood back to your heart. This has a detrimental affect on the blood flow from the leg back to your heart.

4. Stick to Flats

Especially if you're prone to poor circulation, try to avoid wearing heeled shoes. Heeled shoes only add unnecessary stress on your lower legs and can cause a constriction in the blood flow from your legs back to the heart.

5. Put Your Feet Up

Resting your legs above your heart when lying down can help allow the blood to flow back to your heart with more ease. The phrase ‘put your feet up’ came from somewhere right?

Hopefully in following our above-mentioned simple tips you should be able to try and prevent thread veins. However, if you want a fast, straightforward and permanent solution laser thread vein removal can help remove the appearance of those unsightly spider veins.

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