Blogs from August 2013

  • Strutting it with Smooth Skin

    Anti-aging treatments are developing at such a fast rate and here at sk:n we offer a wide range of treatments designed to combat the visible signs of growing old. However, there’s new speculation amongst some of the top facial aestheticians that the secret to looking young is hidden in our mouths.... read more

  • Man Discovers a Cancerous Mole behind His Tattoo

    A man in Germany made the decision to get the tattoo covering both of his arms and chest removed, however, much to his surprise, the doctors carrying out his tattoo removal had accidently exposed a hidden mole. It was later discovered that the mole within the colourful ink that had adorned his body for a decade, was in fact cancerous.... read more

  • Dealing with Pre-teen Acne Breakouts

    Can you believe that there are more and more primary school children as young as seven who are experiencing severe acne breakouts before they’ve hit puberty?... read more

  • Maintaining a Matte Complexion

    This summer has been incredibly muggy, even on days where the sun hasn’t shined the air’s been incredibly overbearing. Whether it’s public transport, poor office air-con or just the pressures of rushing about, it’s difficult to avoid sweating in this heat. For more tips on keeping your makeup in place during these hot summer months simply follow our tips here at sk:n.... read more

  • Scarlett Johansson Vinegar Cleanser

    Being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, The Avengers actress Scarlett Johannson recently revealed one of her more intriguing beauty secrets with the public, apple vinegar cleanser.... read more

  • Is Excessive Hair Growth Crippling Your Self Confidence?

    Excessive hair growth, which even has its own medical term - ‘hirsuitism’ - isn't just a timely inconvenience, but it can also have a significant psychological impact on our lives.... read more

  • Can anti-ageing injections Affect Your Emotions

    Everyone knows that anti-ageing injections® is one successful way to fight off permanent smile and frown lines; however, recent studies have shown that it affects a whole lot more.... read more

  • Hair Removal for Pregnant Women

    Pregnancy is a wonderful thing - having skin that glows, the exciting anticipation of your new baby being on the way...unwanted hair growth because of hormonal changes? Don't worry, you're not alone.... read more

  • Simple Tips to Stop Skin Peeling

    Everyone loves coming back from their holiday and being able to show off their new tan. A tan makes us look healthy, often slimmer and genuinely leaves us feeling more confident.... read more

  • Has Angelina Jolie had Cosmetic Surgery

    Last week Miss Jolie was pictured with husband Brad Pitt when they appeared together on the red carpet for his appearance in the film World War Z. Rumours have it that Miss Jolie has been having special laser treatments to make her skin appear smooth and polished.... read more

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