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Peaches Geldof comments on her tattoos

7th April 2013

Last week Style magazine's supplement of the Sunday Times documented Peaches Geldof, baring the many tattoos adorning her body. The photograph accompanying the article presented a heavily pregnant Peaches, walking the beach with her garland of daisy tattoos entwined up her leg.

In the article Peaches describes the sentimental value of all her tattoos, claiming they map out her past and memorable events. However, she mentioned that now she's expecting her new baby, the tattoos no longer fit in with her new persona and role as a mother. If you're with us and wondering why she doesn't just seek laser tattoo removal then it's because she feels that removing her tattoos would be like erasing her memories.

As much as we can appreciate that tattoos are personal and mark a memorable event, sometimes a tattoo you had inked when you were in your teens just isn't quite as fitting in your late forties. If unlike Peaches you want tattoo removal, then we can help you at sk:n clinics, simply check out your nearest clinic and pop in for a free consultation. You may have heard of our popular Harley Street clinic based in London, but if you're not just looking for tattoo removal in London then check out one of our many clinics based nationwide.

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