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Have You Noticed Laughter Lines in April-Humour Month?

21st April 2013

April is National Humour Month, but are you capable of being funny enough to keep those around you laughing? Hopefully you're not concerned and stopping yourself from laughing, in the fear of developing wrinkles.

Laughter is proven to boost your mood, relax your body, boost your immune system, and relieve stress. But if you do have laughter lines and you want them removing, you might want to consider laser resurfacing.

We know that everyone's skin gets less elastic with age and that some of us are often left with lines and folds. Well, you should consider laser resurfacing as this laser skin treatment is often described as a magic treatment. Not only will your skin be left looking a lot more even, it will also help encourage your skin to grow and develop a healthier appearance.

Laser resurfacing is a treatment that should be taken seriously and only carried out by professionals. Our experts will give you a full consultation before you arrange the treatment, to see if it's suitable for your skin. You'll be left with skin that looks and feels its best. Following the treatment you'll need to have a certain level of aftercare, involving cleaning the skin every few hours the day after the treatment, and applying a soothing ointment. Here at sk:n, we care about your skin care and ensure that you receive expert aftercare even after your treatment.

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