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Jessie J's flawless skin on the voice

6th April 2013

Last week we saw a return of X Factor's competitor and popular talent show The Voice. The weird and wonderful Will.I.Am was living up to expectations, as was Tom Jones with his alluring effect over the female contestants. However, arguably one of the most entertaining and energetic judges on the panel is the wonderful Jessie J.

Jessie J took to Instagram earlier in the year posing without make-up, looking fresh faced and rejuvenated. Lucky for us, Jessie isn't one for keeping secrets and swears her trick for looking so healthy and fresh is her decision to ditch the foundation. Celebrity skin guru Lee Garrett told us that “going ‘naked’ this New Year is the perfect way to give your skin a much needed treat”

However, for the more self-conscious amongst us or those who can’t stand their reflection without make-up, this detox simply isn't possible. That's where we at sk:n can help you! We offer a range of fantastic skin rejuvenation treatments, so if you want to know how to get rid of spots, then look no further.

Garrett continues to tell us that we should look for non-comedogenic make up to avoid the risk of breakouts. If you are puzzled and want to know more about looking after your skin or how to get rid of spots then pop into one of our clinics for a consultation with an expert dermatologist.

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