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Is Made in Chelsea star Rosie UV Ugly?

4th April 2013

Made in Chelsea's fifth series hit our screens last Monday and what an opening episode it was.

The fiery relationship between Spencer and Louise, Francis's incessant skateboarding and not to mention the awkward moments that have us cringing at our screens. But what we're interested in here at sk:n is the ladies and their dedication to their skin. We all know that Ollie is a huge fake tan ambassador as we see him slapping the stuff on in a mock gesture in the latest adverts.

Rosie Fortescue Checks out Sun Damage

One of the Made in Chelsea crowds more pale and interesting characters Rosie Fortescue, teamed up with our clinics to show us the damage UV rays can do to our skin. Rosie, who claims she felt pressure from the media about paling in comparison to the shows other stars agreed to have her face put under the lens.

Surprisingly, despite admitting to having sunburn only once around the nose area the results showed that Rosie had suffered from some UV damage. Her response to these findings was, “I'm shocked that actually even though I haven't used sunbeds, I have got some skin damage” She also commented on the positive scare mongering effect the scan could have on young people who are abusing sunbeds, forcing them to come to terms with reality and the affect UV rays are having on their skin.

So What's Next?

Don't be alarmed, at sk:n we're not just here to show you results, scare you and then leave you in the lurch. We offer treatments that can help restore the damage done to your skin. We have TCA peels which are a particular popular type of skin peel designed to help combat the signs of sun damage. If you find yourself thinking “what is a skin peel treatment” then don't worry, it may sound a little daunting but our expert dermatologists will be able to advise you. Pop into one of our nearby clinics for a free consultation.

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