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Importance of Wearing Sunglasses

24th April 2013

We're certainly glad to be seeing more and more sunshine. Spring is finally in the air meaning that summer is on its way.

Wrinkles around the eyes, better known as crow's feet& are caused by three main factors: ageing, excessive exposure to UV rays and dehydration. In order to prevent crow's feet caused by UV rays, you will need to put on a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are the best way to protect the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes from UV radiation as they reduce the amount of squinting you do when you're exposed to direct sunlight.

Besides wearing those trusty sunglasses when out and about, another way to treat wrinkles around your eyes is through anti-wrinkle injections. These work by injecting skin cells with a natural substance to help relax the facial muscles and prevent wrinkles from forming. This procedure is used all over the world but sk:n pride themselves on being the nation's skin clinic with trained professionals.

Asides anti-wrinkle injections, skin peels can also help eradicate the appearance of lines on your face and around the eyes. A TCA peel in particular, successfully treats sun damage, age spots, acne scarring and, of course, crow's feet and wrinkles. This skin peel smoothes and softens the skin, diminishes fine line, reduces acne outbreaks and evens out skin discolouration. A safe, toxic-free chemical solution is applied to your skin which gently polishes or resurfaces the skin in order to remove the damaged top layers. Your skin will be noticeably fresher and brighter looking thanks to improved skin texture. The TCA peel will encourage the production of healthy skin cells and collagen, therefore reducing the appearance of lines around the outer corners of the eyes.

Here at sk:n, we understand the importance of taking care of your skin. Our dedicated and professional team of doctors, dermatologists and nurses is committed to providing the very best skin care solutions, diagnosis, and pre and post skin peel treatment advice. Book your consultation with a skin expert today by clicking here.

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