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Importance of Exercise for the Skin

26th April 2013

The London Marathon took place on Sunday, 21st April and we saw thousands of people run the full 26.2 miles to raise money for national charities.

We all know that exercise does absolute wonders for our body, but there are several positive effects of exercise on our skin. So if you suffer from breakouts then incorporating a little exercise into your daily routine could help achieve clearer skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and the increase to the body’s circulation promotes better looking skin, cell renewal and boosts detoxification. Exercise can also lower stress and hormone levels which can help to smooth those facial expression lines. Here are a few useful tips on how to care for your skin when doing a lot of sport.


Perspiration cools the body down during a good work out, and this keeps your body temperature maintained so it's best to work out without make-up on, especially if you have acne-prone skin. Thoroughly cleanse your skin after you exercise, since sweat produces an increase in toxins and oil. Keep some skin purifying wipes in your gym bag and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as you exercise. Incorporating stress-relieving exercises into your routine such as yoga will help to clear the skin, because acne and stress hormones are very much related.

Watch out for Chlorine

For the swimmers out there, it's worth knowing that chlorine in the pool can dry out your skin. The chemical strips the skin of its natural oils and makes the skin feel tight and sometimes itchy. You can protect your skin by applying oil or lotion that is suitable for your skin type before you hit the pool. Many types of sunscreen contain oils that protect your skin from water, especially waterproof sunscreen formulated for heavy physical activity such as exercise or swimming. After swimming, ensure you rinse the chlorine from your skin as soon as possible and apply a moisturising lotion/oil to rehydrate it. Again, you can stay hydrated by drinking water before and after your swim.

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