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Get skin like the girls on Made in Chelsea

3rd April 2013

Admit it, you LOVE Made in Chelsea? Either openly or in secret everybody loves a bit of this TV sensation. Good news! The new series of Made in Chelsea has begun, and as always we can expect more attractive young, elite socialites living the London lifestyle, filled with more drama than ever before.

Despite laughing, and discussing the drama on the show, surely we're all a tiny bit jealous of their luxurious lifestyle?

No matter who your favourite Made in Chelsea girl is, they all have one thing in common; they all look fantastic, especially on a night out. We've all been there, looking forward to going out and socialising and then suddenly noticing an imperfection or spot on our face. It's inconvenient and can stress us out when we're under pressure to look our best. One problem that affects a lot of people is white spots on the skin. Don't know what they are? These white spots are caused by oils, dead skin cells and other dirt collecting in your pores and causing a blockage.

You shouldn't be concerned about these spots, as here at sk:n clinics we can help. We offer a number of milia removal treatments, no matter the cause. We ensure you can be confident and turn heads like the girls on Made in Chelsea. Arrange a consultation with one of our expert dermatologists. Once having successfully had your milia treatment, you can put your mind at ease, best outfit on and head out for a night that rivals those MIC girls. However, we just recommend a little less drama and steering clear of some of those nasty MIC boys!

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